A little bit more on Anatoly Karlin’s IQ thesis

In Anatoly Karlin’s world, average IQ explains almost all economic success. In my world, that of a professional economist–albeit of a somewhat heterodox stance–I could say with certainty that economic success probably explains as much of the variation in average IQ across countries. We can build an entire regional (i.e., general to all geographic levels) endogenous growth model that I think, if specified correctly in economic developmental parameters like per cap clean water, calorie, and protein intake, might even wash the IQ variable right out of the equation(s). I elaborated on this a few days ago in this forum but Anatoly is too busy bloviating on his discovery to read the replies to his blogging. Adding to my “reverse causation” critique, Karlin’s cosa nostra¬†is a socio-economically retrograde, and ultimately racist and colonialist, theory of economic development, especially when we apply it to the actual history of the conquest of the Americas, over the last 500 years (or even the last 100).

Bill Luker Jr



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