Now for a New Beginning–The One With No Mistakes

For various reasons, facebook is dying. So I’m getting out while the getting is good. I have now embarked on a career as a writer of poetry, non-fiction, and fictive prose. The latter is a term I just made up, although it’s kind of pretty and I run the risk of someone else claiming it. As for what it means, some people call it memoir, but that’s for me to know and you to find out. Heh. So, going forward, I’ll be posting on this, my new website, You’ll find the same wacky but ultimately very black, bilious mix of vicious personal attacks on people with whom I will never really be acquainted, poetry that might be good if I hit one of those days when I’m feeling OK, and maybe the occasional kernel of rationality on matters of politics, economics from the bottom up, and international affairs (i.e., in these times, wars, rumors of wars, and more wars and rumors of wars.) At any rate, my work, judged “highly likely” by the British Secret Service (Mi6) to be forever obscure, will be appearing here, at I will have an assistant, name of neptoonish, who will act as editor, spokesperson, and sometime amanuensis for works that will require me to cut myself, bleed sufficiently, and weep copiously for several hours.

Be seeing you–and may your days be filled with grace, love, light, and peace.

Bill (

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One thought on “Now for a New Beginning–The One With No Mistakes

  1. Hi y’all, it’s Bill(y). Now i can’t seem to log in as anything other than neptoonish. I’ll get it worked out, or not, and I like the security aspect.–B

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